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Join Our Cause

Join Our Effort to Save St. Paul’s for the People!

We need your support. Those in favor of private commercial development try to discredit our effort as an attempt by a small minority to force its views on the rest of the Village. We know differently. We know that most residents recognize the vital importance of St. Paul’s to the sense of community that we enjoy, and understand the potential that the building holds to become a living, breathing emblem of the vitality that is unmistakably what makes Garden City such a special place to live.

Therefore, please write and call your Village representatives to voice your support for the restoration of St. Paul’s for PUBLIC use. And please contact us, either by phone or email, to express your opinions and support.

If you would like to be placed on our email list, to receive updates on important news or the progress of our effort to develop a plan for St. Paul’s, please call Maureen Traxler, Administrative and Communications Director, at 516-319-1906, or email her at info@savestpauls.org


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